Some Types of Computer Repair Services

Is there an office or home in urban Indian where you will not find the computer? You may not find in the villages, but in urban cities, it is almost a common scene to have a computer in the home. And there is one reason why computers and laptops have become so successful. The popularity of freelance jobs. To make money in India, you need not go to an office.and should work on some computer repair services.
You can work from home by doing various jobs such as content writing, graphic designing and playing the role of a virtual assistant. But there is one factor which assumes importance. You need to have a perfectly working computer or laptop. And a speedy internet connection. But try as you might, the computer or laptop is also an electronic appliance. The device may result in malfunction or repairs of various kinds. In this article, let us discuss the types of computer repair services.

 Virus Removal

Computer Repair ServicesIn a computer or laptop, there will be always folders or files. If the virus or malware or spyware is found on the computer, then it should be removed without causing damage to any data. These days, ransomware and phishing have become common. So you need to have a secure software firewall to prevent viruses, Trojans and other malware.
There are times when you find it impossible to remove the malware. In these situations, if you are staying in an urban city such as Pune, then it is easy to book a pro. There is no point in searching for the best computer repair guys online and in referrals.
The recent trend to find any qualified handyman professionals in Indian urban cities is via the app of home appliance repair companies in the city. Just look at the profiles in the app, and then search for the best expert offering PC repair services in Pune. You can book the person within four minutes and get the problem resolved in quick time.

Varieties of viruses are available in the internet to affect your computer. They are –
  • Resident Virus
  • Direct Action Virus
  • Overwrite Virus
  • Browser Hijacker
  • Multipartite Virus
  • Boot Sector Virus
  • Web Scripting Virus
  • Directory Virus
  • Macro Virus
  • File Infector Virus
  • Polymorphic Virus
  • Network Virus
  • Companion Virus
  • Encrypted Virus
  • Stealth Virus
  • Nonresident Virus
  • Sparse Infector
  • FAT Virus
  • Spacefiller Virus

Hardware Repairs

Computer Repair ServicesCan you make any guesses regarding the title – Hardware repairs in the computer? It may involve physical damages. Some examples are paint jobs, dents, cracks in the computer’s exterior body. Examples

  • Upgrading memory
  • Checking of hard drives
  • Replacement of video cards
  • Replacement of disc drives


Computer Repair ServicesThere are chances, your computer may face a virus problem and you may lose all the data. But with the help of a computer expert, it is possible to retrieve the data. Please note, it is a sensitive situation and any wrong move can result in the data completely wiped out from the computer.
Some types of data recovery services offered by professionals

  • Hard drive recovery
  • Raid recovery
  • Tape recovery
  • Optical recovery
  • Removable recovery
  • Digital recovery

Networking Errors

There are times you have bought a new device, but it is not compatible with the computer. In this case, you need to hire a networking technician to solve the problem.
Some examples of Networking Issues

  • Duplicate IP addresses
  • IP address exhaustion:
  • DNS problems
  • Single Workstation – Does not connect to Network
  • Non-connection to Printer shares or local files
  • Local network disconnection to internet
  • Slow internet


Have you installed a new OS system on your computer? Then please do not forget to upgrade to the latest version. The recent – virus attacks. It is mandatory that every software in the computer needs to be updated to the present version. The reason, the new update will cover up the vulnerabilities in the old software.

  • Regular Maintenance:
    You need to give the computer maintenance service at least every year. This will ensure that the device is free from minor repairs and other kinds of failure. Also, it increases the life of the computer.
  • Corrective Maintenance:
    There are times, when a specific part of the computer may stop working. Then you may need to replace or fix this part. This type of repair falls in the corrective maintenance category.
  • Predictive Maintenance:
    Have you ever heard about predictive maintenance and smart diagnosis? These are the words which you can hear in the smart appliances category. These devices, you can control and monitor with your smartphone.

The next generation of computers/laptops will have these features installed/in-built.
For example, let us imagine you have a smart washing machine and it has a predictive maintenance feature. This feature checks every part of the washing machine and sends an alert to your mobile, in case, a specific part has malfunctioned. When it comes to your computer in the present day, there are devices which can predict the failure of a part before it goes on the path of repair. This maintenance is called predictive maintenance.

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