Quick And Easy Tips For Cleaning Up Your Mac

The trend of working from home has been increased and maybe that is why your macbook is taking an increased workload. Over time, your mac may store a lot of unnecessary kinds of stuff. This problem has reached a worse state as so many people are doing work from home lately.

We have summarized some quick and easy tips to clean your mac. That will provide you with the right assurance to clean your mac.

Why should you consider cleaning up your mac?

If you are having a mac and find that your mac is not working as smoothly as it needs to be, then you might need to clean it once. Now, mac does not need a lot of maintenance. But, with time, it also gathers some junks in its storage. These junks may be system cache, maybe some app leftovers, or some temporary files. This will take up your space and memory and hamper your cpu cycle. This makes your mac slow. So, now is the time to tidy up your macbook.

Best ways to clean up your mac

now, junks are always invisible. You need to search and clean them. There are some ways to clean up your mac. These things can be long and time taking. As we are saying from the very beginning of the article, that it is better to clean up your mac periodically. Here are some easy tips to clean up your macbook.

Solution 1: optimizing your storage

it is always better to clean up your drive manually rather than searching for the best photo duplicate finder for mac. Optimizing your storage space can be the primary step for you.

  • At first, open the storage management app by clicking the apple logo at the upper left menu bar
  • choose about this mac and then click on the storage tab
  • select that will open the storage management app

under this tab, you will find numerous options like store in icloud or empty trash automatically. This will help you to get rid of your old tv shows and old email attachments. This will free some disk space.

Solution 2: clear out applications and documents

you need to take a look at the applications and the documents when you are already in the storage management app. First, you need to click on the applications tab in the left column. Here, you can get the list of applications installed. You can easily delete the apps you no longer require.
After that, you can click documents on the left tab. This will open the files section. There will be big and large files in this section that are worth perusing. You dont need to do anything with them. But, here you can find some old large files that you no longer require. You can delete them. Be careful because deleting some important files may disrupt your system.

Solution 3: gain control over your desktop

sometimes, excessive icons on your desktop may cause things to lag. Here is the solution for you.

  • Right-click on any open space
  • clean up

now, this will arrange your things neatly. Also, you can click on clean up to sort them as well. Also, you can click on the use stack option. That will stack up a similar type of application into a single icon. This can easily tidy up the desktop of your mac.

Solution 4: clearing up your cache

remove your cache is a common tip of a web browser troubleshooting. Mac stores a hell of information in files. That is called a cache. This provides data fast to the system and mac doesnt need to take data from the original source repeatedly. These files take a lot of space and slow things rather than speeding them up. It can be cleared by the following steps:

  • open a finder window and click on go to folder in the go menu.
  • Type ~/library/caches & press enter
  • go to every folder that shows and delete everything.

Solution 5: get rid of the duplicate files

no, you dont need any third-party app like best photo duplicate finder mac to do this. You can do that manually with ease.

  • At first, open a finder window
  • type * at the search
  • ensure that the size and kind columns are displayed. Otherwise, go to view > show view options
  • sort them by size and you can find some duplicate files.

Solution 6: get rid of old ios backups

  • go to about this mac, by clicking the apple logo
  • go to the storage tab and click manage
  • choose ios files that you want to delete.
  • Confirm

solution 7: delete old dmgs

old disk images sometimes consume a lot of space. Deleting after a period can be a better option.

  • Open finder and type disk image in the search bar
  • delete all the files. Delete them from trash too.

The bottom line

when the best duplicate photo finder for mac is not sufficient, you can try the above-mentioned steps. That will help you to clean up some space in your mac. This. In turn, will enable your mac to run just as new you bought the other day.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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