5 Must-Know Pre Workout For Beginners

Pre-workout complexes are indispensable for those who want to get the maximum effect from the training process. The use of pre-workout before physical activity brings the body to maximum endurance. You feel the rise of physical strength and work out the training as efficiently as possible. Those who go to the gym after work, when frankly there are no forces, are especially well-suited.

What are pre-workout complexes and what does pre-workout do

pre-workout complexes, or pre-workouts, are a type of sports nutrition that combines several or more components to help make your workout more productive.

From the definition of pre-workout, it becomes clear why they are needed. But why is training not always productive? It often happens that many athletes have the opportunity to play sports only in the evening, after work. Or vice versa early in the morning. At the end of the day, the body simply no longer has the resources. And in the morning, the body may still simply not wake up.

in such cases, pre-workout complexes come to the rescue. They give your body the missing resource to do the work in the gym. And after its implementation, they help to recover. You may also learn about keto protein powder and all details related.

Such complexes will be helpful not only to those who are engaged in bodybuilding but also to those who play sports amatory or professionally.

Having studied the opinions of professional athletes and the reviews of ordinary consumers, we present you with an overview of the top-5 best pre-workout sports nutrition complexes.

Assault by muscle pharm

the famous and very popular pre-workout. It also consists of 5 matrices plus a vitamin and mineral complex. Along with classical resources, the composition of the matrices includes choline, glucuronolactone, pterostilbene with caffeine, and huperzine. It increases nerve conduction and therefore improves the connection of the central nervous system with working muscles.

The main advantages:

  • a combination of potent substances, including plant extracts, complementing and enhancing each others effectiveness,
  • improves performance and endurance in training.

Platinum labs defcon 1

powerful pre-workout complex. The neuro stimulating matrix is of particular interest. In addition to caffeine, it contains plant components such as higenamine and synephrine, as well as the amino acids taurine and tyrosine plus choline. As a result, this matrix will improve neuromuscular communication, and hence the effect of training.

The main advantages

  • a non-standard composition that promotes mental focus during the training,
  • the absence of potent stimulants, and hence the overstrain of the central nervous system.
  • Woman lifting barbell

c4 original by cellucor

a classic resource pre-workout with proper dosages of working ingredients. The main component is beta-alanine for muscle endurance. Arginine creates a pump, and creatine gives energy. Concerning stimulants there is a good portion of caffeine in combination with tyrosine, which improves concentration. An excellent pre-workout package for beginners.

The main advantages:

  • a classic of the genre among pre-workouts,
  • no undue stress on the nervous system.

Psychotic by insane labz

the name itself, and the appearance of the jar, suggest that this pre-workout powder has a powerful effect. The stimulants are caffeine with yohimbine, as well as hordenine.
The main feature is such an exclusive component as ampi-berry, which is a complex of juniper berries with yeast. It is an excellent anti-catabolic and also has analgesic and antioxidant properties.

The main advantages:

  • it contains dmae, which increases concentration during training.


strongly affects the psyche and accelerates the pulse.

S. A. W. By trec nutrition

s. A. W. (saw) is a super-concentrated keto pre-workout formula designed for professionals. The drug has a strong anabolic effect and stimulates the accelerated growth of working muscles. S. A. W. Provides them with additional oxygen supply and nutrition.

This is a formula that combines exclusively proven, safe, and effective active substances that will help you overcome training stagnation after the first dose.

The main advantage:

  • it comes without extra additives, fillers, and sugar, so it is suitable for a ketogenic diet.


pre-workout complexes have contraindications. Before you start using them, you should definitely consult a doctor. And before use carefully read the instructions and follow the manufacturers instructions for dosage and rules for admission. Do not forget about pre-workout stretches to warm your muscles up.

It is better not to get involved in pre-workouts in the evening because excessive excitation of the central nervous system will certainly lead to insomnia. In addition, with frequent use of such complexes, the body begins to get used to the action of stimulants, so soon there will be no such effect as at the first intake.

Have you ever tried any of these pre-workouts? Tell us what your favorite is.

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